Some software I've built for IRIX 6.5

IRIX has been obsolete for years now, but the hardware is still interesting to me. Here's some stuff I've managed to build.

DISCLAIMER: This software works on my machine. I can't guarantee anything else, but it actually does work on my machine. For a smooth experience, I suggest using Nekoware gcc or MIPSpro for now.

gcc 4.7.4


Cross-built on a Linux host. Includes GNU binutils 2.17.

This is an updated version, fixing a couple of stupidities in the previous tarball. After installing it, edit /opt/local/gcc-4.7.4/libexec/gcc/mips-sgi-irix6.5/4.7.4/install-tools/mkheaders to point to your copy of bash (it appears in three places in the file) and run the script to get fixed versions of headers in /opt/local/gcc-4.7.4/lib/gcc/mips-sgi-irix6.5/4.7.4/include-fixed.

GNU grep 3.1


This one supports -r option, making it rather useful for finding out where something is #defined.

Lots of stuff


Inside the file there is an optlocal.profile file which sets rld search paths accordingly.

NOTE: this includes an /etc/sudoers file with my username. Replace with yours instead of blaming me about trying to hack you.

NOTE: curl expects to find a cacert.pem containing certificates in /opt/local/etc. More info.

What's included:


There is a constantly updated document describing my adventures with pkgsrc on IRIX in 2018 and 2019 hosted on

Erno Palonheimo,